Finding the Right House Mover

The Ultimate Guide To Get The

Best Alberta Building Movers Company

The reality is, that to many people, homes are the most valuable possessions that many are attached to. In this case, when it comes to moving locations, the likelihood of moving together with the house is high as emotional attachments are too big to be broken. With the decision made, researching and finding a reputable building mover is priority. With the fact that structural lifting and moving of homes needs specialized skills, not many company can match up to the task. Since choosing an Alberta building Mover Company is a major decision, being informed of what to look for to get the very best in the industry is advisable.

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Structural Moving Experience

When choosing an Alberta building Mover Company, the structural moving experience is the most important thing one should look for. This is for the simple reason that if experience does not exist, then the likelihood of suffering major damages is extremely high. With there being no specific school that teaches structure moving models, experienced gathered through years of experience is the only qualification that should be sought after. In this case with some states requiring up to 5 years’ experience working with foremen at a reputable building moving company, this should be used as a guideline.

Equipment Used

With a definite method of a moving company and the necessary experience showing that a company is ideal, equipment used should be scrutinized. This comes about as when there lacks the right equipment needed, one could suffer not only delayed and derailment of the whole project but damages as well. In this case before process of lifting and relocation starts look into whether the equipment is in good condition, with the needed fail safes needed built in. Still the recommended system used that one should look out for is the unified jacking system.

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This is because the system ensures that even with different weight pressures in different areas of the building, each of the jacks are lifted at the same rate. This in the long run ensures that when the raising occurs, there is prevention of cracking and breaking on the drywall and plaster.

On the other hand equipment used should support the Polly Dolly system, as it is considered the best in safety moving and overall transportation of the building. With the fact that the system drives the same wheels, supporting the building which is done remotely yet proportionally. In the long run allowing a range of speeds to a slow walk. Still gradual speed transitions is allowed with the Polly Dolly system, thus the building will not experience any shaking motions that will lead to destabilization of the building.


Before committing to any contract with any Alberta house mover, it is vital to look into the references. This is because from the interactions gotten from previous clients, one gets in-depth insight of what to expect from the experience of others. Still one can able to be able to ask personal questions about the moving company and be in a better position to make an informed decision.

Ongoing projects viewing

If possible asking for a one on one view on an ongoing project should be done. This way experience, equipment and time taken to complete the process can be experienced, without any third party influences. This way one knows if the structural moving company is best for the project, as one will be in a better position to know what is involved in the process of moving.

Settlement Damages Terms

Usually, in a building moving or lifting process, there is usually the stipulated time agreed on by both the contractors and the building owner. A daily/ weekly fee is usually charged depending on the number of days the cribbing and steel beams remain under the building lifting it. It is good to note that in case foundation area where the building is going to be settled is not ready, an additional fee is usually payable as the equipment’s cannot be used anywhere else. In this case one should be sure of the charge fee applicable in addition to the charge that for the whole project will be. This way preparations can be taken care off before the agreed date. In this case the building moving company should give relevant information, answering all pending questions, making clear of charges expected to be paid clearly.

Insurance Coverage

With the right equipment and experience in moving structural buildings, the chances of accidents happening are usually extremely rare. However this does not mean that is does not happen. In this case before giving moving rights to any Alberta house moving specialist, there are a number of insurance coverage’s that the contractors should possess.

General Liability insurance cover

This is usually the standard coverage given in case of property damages or personal injury that occurs from the contractors work. The standard coverage usually is $1 million. It is good to remember that general liability coverage’s do not include the cover for the house, if it is to be lifted and moved.

Umbrella cover

This basically is an additional cover given in case the general liability and underlying liability policies are used up. The umbrella cover is usually available upon request and the standard coverage is usually between $1 million and 2 million.

Workers insurance cover compensation

With tons of pounds being moved when a building is being moved, workers compensation is vital and should be provided by the company being contracted. Thus in this case looking into company policies will enable one to tell if the statutory workers compensation is being met.

Riggers/ cargo cover 
When it comes to protection of the house itself, the riggers insurance cover is the needed. This is for the simple reason that a general liability, although covering in case of property damage does not include house damages. It is good to verify on the contractor’s riggers policy specific project limits that are superior to the overall value of building.


Most insurance costs up to 1 million dollars including the building and any other insurable costs applicable. When it comes to riggers coverage, most usually offer liability between 30- 60 days after moving of the house is done. However, even though rare some Building movers do not have the time limitations. This way in case of damages one can easily go for compensation.

With an outlined guide on what to look for in an Alberta building movers company, choosing the best becomes easy. Peace of mind is achieved in every term as experience, equipment and insurance is highlighted.